31st December 2013 – A Review Of My Resolutions

I’ve copied by blog post from the first of January this year and through it might be a good idea to review what I have and haven’t done and use this to form part of my resolutions and goals for 2014.

The first day of the year always offers us a chance for a fresh start, to refocus our goals and plans. I’ve previously outlined my resolutions for this year but today I want to outline my personal ‘goals’.

Most people have a weight loss goal for the new year and I’m no different, unfortunately this is a roll over from 2012 but I am determined to reach my goal this year – and my reward? Being able to fit into the clothes in my wardrobe! I cannot wait – I have some super cute clothes and I want to be able to wear them. So the goal is to lose 20kgs.

Well for those of you who have followed my journey this year I have well and truly gone past the 20kg goal and even reached 30kgs!

Goal for 2014 – 40kgs!

My next goal is to do with photography – I’m actually quite a poor photographer [I particularly suck at selfies] and part of my new role at TTR is to take photos of the race days and my failings were highlighted when I uploaded the photos. Yes, some of this was a learning curve about what images to capture but also about how to capture great shots, so this year I want to learn how to take better photos, and ideally I would like to upgrade my camera too. The second part of this goal is about photos of me. I am not photogenic and usually hate photos taken of me, however I want to at least occasionally have some nice photos so my other goal is to learn how to be photographed.

Whilst I did do a bit of research about what photography courses there are, I didn’t actually do any classes!

Goal for 2014 – complete at least one class.

My third goal is a new car – the one I drive at the moment, to put it politely, is a piece of shit! It’s reliable [thankfully] but it’s as old as dial up internet, and I’m embarrassed to be seen in it! Hopefully I can get some savings under my belt this year to upgrade.

No new car in 2013, other priorities. Let’s see what 2014 brings.

My fourth goal is to launch a little sideline project I have bubbling away. I don’t want to say too much about it just yet, but as soon as it’s ready to go I’ll let you know.

This little project is on hold at present while I work on a potentially huge project connected to work.

My final goal for 2013 is to maintain and build this blog. I’d like to find a real rhythm this year and offer something new and fresh for the year, but for now, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope you have a wonderful 2013 full of achieved resolutions and goals that have been reached.

The blog was going really well earlier in 2013, but I have to admit that the latter half of the year it has slipped, however now we are in a new house, work is under control (mostly), and life is settling down I feel like I have the time and the motivation to kick it up a gear in 2014.

Monday Motivation – Mid-year Resolutions

Incredibly today is the first day of the second half of the year. The first six months have been been a bit of a roller-coaster (like many people I suspect). I’ve had some really fantastic times, and some not fantastic times but over all the year has had far more positives than negatives.

As for my resolutions:

Weight Loss – as at the last day of June I was 75% of the way to my goal weight and had lost 25.2kgs overall. I’m very happy with that.

Photography: So far I haven’t done anything to achieve this goal. I reset this goal and resolve to work towards being a better photographer by the end of the year.

New Car: Unfortunately I am still driving my piece of shite car. I might need a little miracle to make this resolution into a relity.

Sideline Project: Still bubbling away but not going anywhere at the moment. It’s a goal but long term so I’m not stressed that it’s just sitting there.

Maintain and build this blog: The blog challenge in June was fantastic. Having lots of new and different topics to blog about was great. I’m trying not to be too predictable with my regular posts and also blog about things that meant something to me. such as my Friday Reflection.

I think I’m tracking OK. I could have done more, but then again I could have done less. I’m where I’m meant to be on this journey. I feel like my hard work is paying off in certain parts of my life and that’s nice to finally be recognised and rewarded by the universe.

How are you going with your resolutions? Time for a mid-year reset? It’s not too late to achieve your goals and make 2013 your year!



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Weigh In Wednesday – All The Eats

So the 1st of May see’s me start the month only a mere 1kg less than I started April. I wouldn’t mind so much but during the month I actually weighed in 3kgs less than the start weight but it’s been ‘one of those months’ – where it’s all about ‘the eats’ and I’ve done them all!

– the ‘no’ eating

– the ’emotional’ eating

– the ‘alcohol’ eating

– the ‘who gives a shit’ eating

– the ‘hung over’ eating

– the ‘i love cupcakes’ eating

Towards the end of April, despite the fact that I decided I would start Bikini Body Mommy’s 90 day Challenge as well as the MLFC Squat Challenge on the 1st of May, I was feeling a bit flat because I knew the scales were not going to be where I wanted them to be and I had let myself down. However, every Tuesday on MLFC those who want to post their transformation photos so I decided I would do one too. After I posted it I got a tonne of great feedback so I decided to also post it onto Twitter and got more great feedback. To be honest when I look at the before photo I wonder who that person is, and I know I don’t want to go back there SO the 1st of May sees new fitness challenges, more clean eating, and the acceptance that this is a process and as long as I am making progress in the right direction it doesn’t matter how long it takes!

Transformation Tuesday

Last Sunday in April

As many of you probably know (if you follow me on Twitter) I am currently house sitting for my friend who is in America for the school holidays. She lives in the ‘dress circle’ of town, and I have been enjoying being ‘lady of the manor’.

One of the upsides of staying here is the location, the dairy is a mere 2 minute walk, town is an easy 1.5km stroll, Hartleigh’s school is less than ten minutes walk away, as is the park. On the downside, the neighbours are close! Close enough that you do feel like they can hear your conversations when you’re camped out on the deck, soaking up the incredible sun, and enjoying a beverage or three from the local beer producer! Seriously if you have not tried Mike’s Strawberry Blonde you are missing out. It’s so delicious, and perfect for the weather!

The weather has created this whole blog to be honest. This morning it was a nice day, not rainy, not overcast, just nice – so I thought I would use the last of my Green Meadows Beef mince to make some meatballs. Subsequently the weather has gotten better and better, to the point where it’s ‘almost’ too hot to sit on the deck (actually it is too hot right now but bloody hell I’m not giving up one minute of this sun because I know winter is going to be biting way too soon) so there in lies the dilemma, meatballs for dinner OR be totally Kiwi and have a BBQ!

I actually don’t have a BBQ at my house, the one I did used to own was disposed of when the house was sold. I do covet the Webers, and when I have the $$ I will buy one, so the opportunity to use the BBQ here raised it’s head and I thought I should check it out to make sure I can get it going etc before making a full commitment to a BBQ that might not happen. As it turns out it’s a breeze to get started and I’m sure that even ‘I’ can produce something remotely edible from this ‘gadget’. Which leads me to my Tweet:

The mere whiff of food cooking on the BBQ just conjures up memories of all those things I hold dear. Summer sun, sandy feet, holiday’s at the beach, celebrations, and so many good times spent with friends and family.

I can’t wait to fire up the BBQ again, and cook my dinner – steak marinated in smoked paprika (of course)! Long may this beautiful weather last.

I hope you have all enjoyed your last Sunday in April!


Fitness Friday – Eat Fit | Train Fit | Think Fit

So usually today’s post is about fashion, something I am getting more and more into as I lose weight and can fit into and look better in my clothes.

However, I’ve just watched an episode of the Biggest Loser and it was really inspiring so I thought I should change up my blog and pass on some of the words of wisdom.

Today the school holidays started and Hartleigh is at his dads for the next week to ten days, as well as that I am housesitting for my friend so I have decided to use this time to really concentrate on my diet and exercise – I’ll be able to get into a good routine and really work on getting my running stamina up. I have decided to also be alcohol free during this time as I know that a) alcohol is full of empty calories and b) it makes me binge so it’s a double whammy.

The episode of Biggest Loser I have just watched is the one with Natalie Cook in it, she’s apparently an Australian Olympics volleyballer. I didn’t know her before today and she mentored Kasey. Two things she said to Kasey really struck a chord with me, firstly she got Kaseey to repeat her goal weight and kept saying she is that weight, the scales just need to catch up – I love the thought of that! I’m writing it on the mirror! Secondly she talked about the mindset of fit people and her mantra was eat fit, train fit, and think fit. So profound! It’s now my motto for the next ten days!

Eat Fit Train Fit Think Fit

Motivation Monday – Working Out

As you know I’ve only just started exercising – I’ve lost 13kgs (28lbs) this year through diet alone but now I am feeler better about how I look I need to do something to a) keep the weight loss going, b) tone up, and c) keep me motivated.

Some days working out is easy, some days it’s the hardest thing in the world but no matter what at the end you feel better having done it. Even if you have a bad time while you are there. Yesterday I had a weird run – I nearly started crying, then I thought I was going to pass out and finally thought I was going to throw up! Not really a great run but I also pushed myself through it all and felt happy to have another workout under my belt.

Whether you are adding incidental exercise or going full out triathlon training it’s all part of your journey!

I feel better about myself


Weigh In Wednesday – ‘The Half’

Everything you need2013 has been a watershed year for me so far. I’ve made some quite drastic changes to my life in particular in the areas of health and fitness and work-life balance. I’ve said no to things I would like to be involved with because I needed to stop over committing myself. I’m doing less and giving those things more.

The first week of April saw a 2.5kg loss which is awesome and a big chunk towards my goal for the next six weeks. [Week two not so pretty but that’s another blog]. I’ve been running [well walk/jog/run], and doing the squat challenge. At present working up to being able to easily run 5kms but also doing some hill work.

I’ve achieved some great goals this year and feel like it’s time to step up my efforts. Whilst I have some new short term goals as outlined in this blog, I decided I needed something bigger to work towards, a ‘milestone’ event so I have decided to run the half marathon in October.

Whilst I know this is no small undertaking I do feel confident that I can achieve this goal especially with the support of my friends who have been so positive and encouraging. Can’t wait to make them and me proud!

So there it is, in black and white. I got this!