Photos First


Why don’t more brides and grooms choose to have their photos first? Is it due to the staid tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding? Is it because they think the ceremony won’t be special if they’ve spent time together before then? Or is it because they simply don’t think of it as an option?

We chose to have our wedding photos before our ceremony and, to be honest, I think I had a far more intimate and special moment when my husband first saw me than brides who choose the ‘after’ option do.

I stood at the top of the stairway, and he at the bottom, that walk down to meet him is forever etched in my memory. That moment was just us!

Then we went out and had all our bridal party photos, some off-the-cuff images, and a lot of fun before taking some time out alone before the ceremony.

It took all the pressure of this part of the day, and I could really focus on the ceremonial and formal elements of our vows.

We then spent plenty of time having individual photos with our guests while we sipped champagne, and  chatted, and laughed.

Following the ceremony the guests went directly to the reception venue, the Devonport Hotel, and my husband and I arrived shortly after.

We had cocktail hour in an ante room, with more bubbles, and canapés before the wedding breakfast and then dancing.

Photos ‘before’ meant
– a special moment just for us when we first saw each other
– plenty of time for all our photos
– not stressing about all the guests waiting for us and drinking the bar tab dry
– more quality time with our guests

I vote, photos before every time!

Advent 2015 – Day Fifteen

Day 15.jpg Day Fifteen is another choose dinner deal for Hart, he chose the new Create Your Own option at McDonalds. My verdict – it’s expensive, food is still from McDonalds, and I would rather spend the money on decent meals at the supermarket. Elfie was obviously into mischief with the lights, and there is little progress on the puzzle – next time I need to make it first, then put the pieces in the bags in order.